Have you ever wondered how the top agents seem to fit SO MUCH into their schedules? Does it seem overwhelming and impossible to you? 

It did to me too, until I learned their secret!

FOCUS. These top agents have figured out a way to have laser focus on their goals and what their primary task should be at any given time. We've described in our trainings as their "20%". They know what they are good at and what should be either delegated to others, or totally eliminated from their schedules.

They have gotten really good at saying NO to the wrong opportunities, and really great at attracting the right ones.

No they aren't "lucky" or "gifted". They have had failures and have had to learn these lessons the hard way. But they have left some clues for the rest of us to follow if we will pay attention.

I've created a quick class that will help you discover what your TOP PRIORITY should be at this exact time in your life. A top priority that, if mastered, could make everything easier, and...

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The Real Estate agent is under attack. Everywhere you look you are bombarded with training's, new programs, or a new software that promises to make your business more successful.

A new guru pops up daily it seems, with a new system that is "sure" to change the way you do business and ultimately make selling Real Estate "easy".

How are you supposed to know what system to follow or strategy to implement? Or even worse, how are you supposed to know what strategy or program to avoid?

Well listen up Real Estate Mom! If you want to be successful in Real Estate and in life, you need to stop jumping from shiny object to shiny object.

The truth is the basic principals in Real Estate are true for all!

1. Lead Generate Daily.

2. Follow up until that lead becomes a client.

3. Write a contract (meaning list and sell homes).

4. Stay in touch with your database! 

Any program or system that involves these 4 pillars of Real Estate that you are CONSISTENT at, will work! They key is being...

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I know what you're thinking. You're wondering why in the world you should want imbalance in your life? Hear me out! 

We have all been taught to peruse this myth of "balance" or "having it all". We are told we can work 40 -80 hours a week and then come home to a beautifully clean home, and well behaved children. Not only are we told we can have this, we are shown how OTHER moms "have" this.. They parade their photos on Facebook and Instagram, and they say things like "I have achieved balance" or "I have found a way to have it all".

Here's the TRUTH. They haven't REALLY found a way. Those other Moms are deceiving us or maybe even themselves. For the ones who HAVE achieved what we seek... I would venture to guess, their life is NOT made up of Balance, but in fact imbalance!

You see balance means equal. When we spend equal time at work and at home, something suffers. Either you neglect your home or your neglect your work. Instead I believe there is a better way! Imbalance!

I wrote...

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Have you ever sat down to make your prospecting calls and had this pit in your stomach and a lump in your throat? You were terrified someone would answer the phone, because that meant you would actually have to talk? What if they don't like me? What if I sound dumb? What if I forget what to say?

We've all been there. Even me. Even though I've been selling Real Estate now for 15 years and have sold over 700 homes in my career. Even though I've called and talked to a million people.. I still get that lump in my throat and that lie the enemy tells us, still pops in my head. "What if they don't like me?"

Let's think about this a little. What IF they don't like me? So what? How does that effect me? It doesn't, unless I let it. They don't know me. I know my heart and I know my work. They would be lucky to work with me. Just like they would be lucky to work with YOU!

Here's the funny part. If you just push through and make those calls, some how, some way, they get easier....

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