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We are stoked to get to help you navigate the path to YOUR individualized success!

Meet Our Mega Mom Partners...

Jessica and Randi are MOMS who measure their success by the impact they have in the lives of others. Especially Women of adversity.

One core pillar of our inner circle that sets us apart from other coaching programs is our commitment to your INDIVIDUALIZED success. We firmly believe success shouldn't look the same for any two people. For some it may mean $30 Million in annual sales, for others it may mean making enough to help with family vacations. Whatever that is for YOU, we want to help you get there!

Randi and Jessica have both built highly successful Real Estate teams in their respective markets (Randi is in Reno, Nevada and Jessica is in Independence, Kansas.) 

In addittion to building Top Producing Real Estate Teams they are both Brokers and Randi actively runs her Award Winning Brokerage of over 40 agents.

These Ladies have built their business while keeping Jesus at the core and Family as a priority.

Through years of experience, many failures and by Gods grace tremendous success we have built the foundation of systems, techniques and programs that will support protect your time, energy and finances while breaking through ceilings on your career journey. 

Check Out What Just Some Of Inner Circle Members Are Saying!

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"I’m part of it, and love our inner circle I’ve been in the business for a while 11+ years and really use this group to help me keep my spark. Love the ladies and look forward to my time with them each week!"

- Stephanie Stockberger

"After joining the Inner Circle I was able to get my FIRST LISTING by following the listing strategies Jessica outlined! This is my first year in Real Estate and I am on track to close 12 this year! I couldn't be happier that I joined the Inner Circle!"

- Ginger Johnson

"I joined early in 2018! This group has been instrumental in my success. Real Estate isn't a cookie cutter biz. It is a real, live, moving organic monster of sorts. What works for one person wont necessarily work for another. Learning how I'm in biz for myself and how to build MY biz by MY design has been amazing!! The Mega Moms ladies dont give you this magic answer on how to sell homes...they give you a choice of selection of tools to build your business with credibility! That is why they are so awesome and unique!!! Jessica Hensley brought in other agents from other markets that all have different approaches and methods, but they All have two things in Common! They are each Highly Successful and they ALL LOVE GOD! Before going forward with Mega Moms I had researched other coaching groups. With others, everything is black and it this way or dont succeed viewpoint. As a mother to 4 young children and foster mother to a newborn, making my biz work for me was VITAL. I'm not perfect by any means, but I no longer feel guilty. This isn't to say there aren't slumps...they happen, but now I know how to handle them to move forward! I hope you'll join us!! You wont regret it if you apply yourself!!"

- Tia Armstrong

" I’ve made a video testifying to the group. I was hesitant at first, too. But once you have the tools to implement, and your business is changed for the better, you’ll be so glad you joined. The value add is so insane, that the monthly fee is, honestly, trivial. Think of it like this: the bigger group is ladies asking “how do I get business; how do I find success?” The Inner Circle is ladies in markets all over saying “here’s a script and roadmap to success.” “Here’s exactly what I’ve done and here’s the exact way I did it for you to replicate in your own market.” Try it for even just a month and see how much your business can be improved! We’d love to have you come grow with us. "


Inner Circle

What's included with your membership?

We Show Moms How To Have a Successful Real Estate Career, WHILE WORKING WHEN THE KIDS ARE IN SCHOOL!

That’s right!
Work while the kids are in school and have the business you’ve always dreamed of! We show you how to set up your calendar so that you accomplish more in less time! We give you systems and structure to set your day up for success. EVERY DAY!

Requested Tutorials!

We LISTEN! When we hear our moms asking for certain information, trainings, etc. we deliver! From time to time this will include Nationwide industry leaders as guests.

ONE-ON-ONE Strategy Calls

Yes we are serious! On top of all the other tremendous value our inner circle provides you can also schedule a call with one of our coaches anytime you are stuck!

Accountability Mastermind

Exclusive access to monthly Mastermind calls with TOP AGENTS!

Weekly LIVE trainings!

High value training videos that provide tools and systems that will assist you in knocking your goals out of the park. 

Abundance Culture

Our group of amazing women is here for inspiration, support & accountability. Friendships and Partnerships alike are made here. Gossip however dies here. We don't do negativity. 

Powerful Network

In our network you no longer just service your local area you now have a national reach to top Mega Mom Agents across the United States. Referrals may just become your niche!

Let Us Help You! We Want To Show You How You Can Work Less and LIVE More!

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Part Time Agent Full Time Income

Full Inner Circle content & trainings.

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One on One Strategy Calls

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