Why I cut the Zillow Cord

SOOOO I did a thing today. I cut the Zillow Cord. I've been a Zillow Premier agent for the past 4 years. Maintaining the number 1 position in all of the zip codes I cover.

My cost for Zillow averaged around $500 to $1,000 per month. At first the leads were pretty good. I had a good ROI and closed several deals directly from the Zillow leads.

I had heard agents talk about how they didn't like Zillow. About how Zillow was taking our information, getting leads, and then selling those leads back to us. I understood their frustration, but I figured.. 🤷‍♀️ it's working for me right now. I was only focused on the "short game" so to speak in my business. Not really thinking of how this could impact my business, and ultimately our industry.

Zillow has proven time and time again that they are no friend to the agent. In fact, they would love nothing more than to cut us out all together.

This past year has been HORRIBLE for my Zillow leads. The leads are complete junk. Either they are just looking or they want to rent or they don't qualify. I think there is a shift in the market. For whatever reason the more serious buyers aren't on Zillow. At least not in my market.

I realized this past month that I was actually generating MORE LEADS through my own efforts on Facebook and other social media outlets than I was actually getting from my paid lead sources. So why was I PAYING Zillow for leads? 🤔 It really didn't make sense.

It's taken some time, but through trial and error I have developed a system on Facebook that really works. Combine that with our Database system we use to stay in touch with past clients and our sphere. There really was no reason to keep paying a company who's sole mission is to make Agents obsolete.

So yeah, I took the leap and canceled my contracts will Zillow.. It will have to phase out as my zip codes come up through May. But I feel so good about this! I am taking control of my business, of my leads, and ultimately my future as a Realtor.

Randi Para and I talked about this on our podcast today. Check it out here.


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