I know what you're thinking. You're wondering why in the world you should want imbalance in your life? Hear me out! 

We have all been taught to peruse this myth of "balance" or "having it all". We are told we can work 40 -80 hours a week and then come home to a beautifully clean home, and well behaved children. Not only are we told we can have this, we are shown how OTHER moms "have" this.. They parade their photos on Facebook and Instagram, and they say things like "I have achieved balance" or "I have found a way to have it all".

Here's the TRUTH. They haven't REALLY found a way. Those other Moms are deceiving us or maybe even themselves. For the ones who HAVE achieved what we seek... I would venture to guess, their life is NOT made up of Balance, but in fact imbalance!

You see balance means equal. When we spend equal time at work and at home, something suffers. Either you neglect your home or your neglect your work. Instead I believe there is a better way! Imbalance!

I wrote the following post that truly describes my heart and so many other Moms I know!

Balance? No I want imbalance.

I don’t want to spend equal time at home and at work. I don’t want to be as invested with work as I am with my baby.

Nope not for me. I don’t want balance.

I don’t want to miss a game, a swim meet, a practice or recital.

I don’t want to miss out on picking up and dropping off to school.

I don’t want to miss snuggles, reading books, or going to the park to play.

A 40 to 80 hour work week is not for me. I refuse to work 7 days a week or to be on call because I’m desperate to make a sale.

Balance you say? No balance is not what I want.

I want leverage! I want systems and processes that will help me get the biggest bang for my buck with the limited hours I CHOOSE to spend selling Real Estate.

I want to set things up on automation, so that my business is working 24/7, even though I’m not.

I want repeat and referral business from past clients, because they were blown away by the service I provide.

I want to attract business, instead of chasing it. I want to have quality, instead of quantity.

No balance is NOT what I seek. I want to spend the most amount of time with my family and the least amount of time (but most effective) in my Real Estate business.

How about you? 

Imbalance is EXACTLY what we show you how to achieve in our group coaching - called the "Inner Circle". We are all Moms who are also Real Estate Agents and we are trying to help provide for our families, while being the best Mom we can be! 

I (Jessica Hensley) lead this group along with Randi Parra. We have Moms who will close over $30Million in production all the way to new Agents. Wherever you are at in your journey of Real Estate or Motherhood, we invite you to check us out! In fact the first month is on me. 

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