Have you ever sat down to make your prospecting calls and had this pit in your stomach and a lump in your throat? You were terrified someone would answer the phone, because that meant you would actually have to talk? What if they don't like me? What if I sound dumb? What if I forget what to say?

We've all been there. Even me. Even though I've been selling Real Estate now for 15 years and have sold over 700 homes in my career. Even though I've called and talked to a million people.. I still get that lump in my throat and that lie the enemy tells us, still pops in my head. "What if they don't like me?"

Let's think about this a little. What IF they don't like me? So what? How does that effect me? It doesn't, unless I let it. They don't know me. I know my heart and I know my work. They would be lucky to work with me. Just like they would be lucky to work with YOU!

Here's the funny part. If you just push through and make those calls, some how, some way, they get easier. You realize that they aren't as scary as you thought. In fact you get excited you were able to meet your goal. 

So let me encourage you to JUST DO IT! Just pick up the phone and call.

Not sure who to call? Try using our "Theme" Day method. To get a downloadable PDF of our Theme Days, click on the link below.




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