The Real Estate agent is under attack. Everywhere you look you are bombarded with training's, new programs, or a new software that promises to make your business more successful.

A new guru pops up daily it seems, with a new system that is "sure" to change the way you do business and ultimately make selling Real Estate "easy".

How are you supposed to know what system to follow or strategy to implement? Or even worse, how are you supposed to know what strategy or program to avoid?

Well listen up Real Estate Mom! If you want to be successful in Real Estate and in life, you need to stop jumping from shiny object to shiny object.

The truth is the basic principals in Real Estate are true for all!

1. Lead Generate Daily.

2. Follow up until that lead becomes a client.

3. Write a contract (meaning list and sell homes).

4. Stay in touch with your database! 

Any program or system that involves these 4 pillars of Real Estate that you are CONSISTENT at, will work! They key is being consistent! Not trying something for a week, and giving up when you don't see immediate results!

There are a few tools that we give to our Mega Moms that help them with their 4 pillars of business. Many of these tools are completely FREE! To download our list, click here.



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