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Become a Mega-Mom Abundance Conference Sponsor


Imagine the power of reaching a room buzzing with ambition and potential. The Mega-Mom Abundance Conference gathers a dynamic audience of dedicated real estate professionals, all eager to learn, connect, and achieve.

By becoming a sponsor, your brand gains unparalleled visibility: position yourself as a leader in the industry, forge valuable connections with high-caliber individuals, and watch your business flourish.

Join us and unlock a weekend of networking, empowerment, and growth!

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Silver Level Sponsor: Elevate Your Brand Awareness

Showcase your brand to 200 passionate real estate professionals.


The Silver Level Sponsorship offers excellent brand visibility. Your logo will be featured on the Mega-Mom Abundance Conference website, and attendees will receive a promotional item from your company in their swag bags. Plus, you'll receive an invitation to the exclusive Mega Mocktail Hour, a fantastic opportunity to network and make valuable connections with attendees.

Gold Level Sponsor: Engage Directly & Generate Leads

Take your brand exposure to the next level and capture qualified leads.


The Gold Level Sponsorship builds upon the Silver benefits with a dedicated booth space to showcase your products or services directly to attendees.

We'll manage sign-ups for personalized 20-30 minute demos, providing you with a valuable opportunity to connect and capture leads for post-event follow-up. Additionally, your brand will gain increased visibility through a dedicated spot on the "Connections Panel" at the conference.

Platinum Level Sponsor: Maximize Lead Generation & Social Media Reach

Elevate your brand as a leader and generate a pipeline of hot leads.


The Platinum Level Sponsorship takes everything from the Gold package and adds a powerful lead generation boost. Gain access to a curated list of attendees most interested in your offerings - our "Hot Lead List". Furthermore, your brand will be prominently featured in our social media promotions across various platforms, maximizing your reach and generating pre-event buzz.

Diamond Level Sponsor: Secure Maximum Exposure & Become a Mega-Mom Powerhouse

Dominate the conference and connect with every attendee. The Diamond Level Sponsorship is the ultimate investment for unparalleled brand exposure and lead generation.


Gain exclusive access to the complete list of attendee contact information, allowing you to directly reach every highly motivated real estate professional at the Abundance Conference. This comprehensive data provides an invaluable opportunity to build lasting relationships and cultivate a thriving customer base.

Beyond attendee access, your brand will be woven into the very fabric of the Mega-Mom community.

Receive a dedicated SEO article on the high-traffic "Like a Mega Mom" blog, ensuring long-term brand awareness and organic search traffic. Top it all off with a guest feature on the wildly popular "Real Estate Mega Mom's Podcast," reaching over 26,000 engaged real estate moms each week. This ultimate sponsorship package positions you as a leader in the industry and empowers you to connect with a vast audience of potential customers.

Our Sponsorship Packages

Dive into the perfect fit for your brand! We offer three exciting sponsorship packages – each designed to maximize your exposure and engagement at the Mega-Mom Abundance Conference. From brand recognition to exclusive networking opportunities, choose the level that best aligns with your goals.

The Beeman Hotel

Right in the Heart of Dallas 

The Beeman Hotel, our host for The Abundance Conference this year, offers a luxurious setting right in the heart of Dallas. Wirth world-class restaurants, pools, and lounges The Beeman is the ideal home for the Abundance Conference. The best part is that it's conveniently located near Dallas' best offerings, all within walking distance from the conference venue.

For the ultimate experience, secure your room at the Beeman Hotel soon – space is limited!

The Beeman Hotel

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